Growing Natural & Organic Food Companies Profitably & Sustainably

We know that when you bring together good things the right way, you can get great results.  We bring together 50 years worth of marketing and strategic business talent in natural foods to deliver even better results.

Our Approach

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We offer overall business growth strategy and CMO level support, working at an operator level. We don’t offer abstract consulting decks for a team to figure out; we are hands on and nimble, moving fast with your team.  Our clients include established brands to start up natural foods companies.

Pluots are the Good guys

Bringing out the best in two wonderful fruits inspired our business name – Pluot Consulting.  A Pluot is a Plum and Apricot hybrid with a smooth, plum-like skin, soft and grainy apricot-like inside, and a floral sweet flavor. It is an example of accelerated natural selection yielding something even better. That’s a good partnership.

We work to bring out the best in every brand by focusing on salient strengths, sustainability advantages, market opportunities and thoughtful partnerships.  You might liken it to accelerated natural selection in business growth (kind of like Pluots).

And let’s be clear, We choose local and organic pluots whenever possible.  No GMO’s allowed – read our blog  if you are wondering about hybridization vs. GMOs.

Our Services

  • Business plans & growth strategies
  • Marketing plans
  • New Product Innovation
  • Channel strategy & management
  • Fundraising & acquisition preparation
  • Team building & leadership development
  • Fractional CMO ongoing support

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