A few weeks ago, I met with Laura Howard and Douglas Gayeton from the Lexicon of Sustainability and introduced them to my OSC2 group of sustainable food CEOs.

I asked the Lexicon to present their approach to addressing climate change to this group. The Lexicon is on the forefront of understanding consumer sustainability thinking and we need to stay connected closely to that as marketers and CEOs.

Douglas made a big impression on me when he shared an activist ad that showed a picture of a polar bear on a melting iceberg and the caption, “You put me here.”  Well what are we supposed to do about that? And that is what a lot of leaders in natural foods probably think and feel. Climate is a big big issue, but it is remote. And we have no idea what to personally do about it.

Our friends and Guayaki have one answer and are actively contributing to a more hopeful future.  They are not only protecting, but also restoring the rainforests. So much so that their mission does not talk at all about selling Mate; it is about protecting and restoring millions of acres of rainforest

Many companies do have the answer… partly. There are 5-10 key hot spots where natural foods companies can make a difference. Rainforests matter a lot. Soil does too. Packaging is a big one. And there are a few more. I love this article on the rainforests as it provides a hopeful message. As does soil and carbon sequestration. There are some big and radical steps natural foods companies can take. The key is to secure alignment on identifying those big hot spots as an industry and then acting. It is a lot easier to act, when we know what to do and why. Stay tuned for more OSC2 and Pluot work toward this.

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