What do the most iconic, mission driven food brands in our industry have in common? A commitment to their values and passions while having the courage to change as they grow. The process of performance management is very important to growth, and a culture of passion and values is essential toward building an iconic brand. Aligning with investors who share these values and are also committed to doubling or tripling bottom lines can be a game changer, not just for individual companies, but also for entire industries. Learn how some of our best-loved brands in the sustainable food sector navigate these simultaneous challenges and opportunities, and what role like­minded investors ply in scaling impact.

How did this event come about? My working with entrepreneurs for many years inspired this event. I observed how important passion and the unique insight of the entrepreneur is within the context of building an iconic brand. I also noticed how the truly iconic brands in our natural products industry still had founder involvement (e.g. Stonyfield, Clif, Patagonia). It had me asking ‘what does it take to achieve iconic brand status?’ and ‘what comprises that careful balance of driving a mission driven, passionate brand forward, while introducing operational excellence?’

I found that answer among 2 decades of experience working with mission driven natural foods brands: passion is key to success, but also incrementally introducing performance management process at the right time and of the right size.  We will talk more about this with three CEOs who have stayed true to the missions of their brands, while figuring out those tools they need to scale.

Here’s a sneak peek at the slides we’ll share. The event is Tuesday, May 10 in Berkeley, Calif. Register here! The program is a partnership between OSC2 and SOCAP and will take place inside the David Brower Center. Afterward, join us at Impact Hub Berkeley (Suite 400) for a Beer & Wine Down to continue the conversation and meet fellow social entrepreneurs and lovers of sustainable food/ag.

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