Numi-400Numi Organic Tea

Lara worked for Numi as VP of Marketing for many years and also spent time managing the retail sales team. After her time at Numi, Lara and I co-founded OSC2 in 2012, inspired by the natural products industry and the need to bring some of the most sustainable consumer package companies together to drive positive change on our planet and the industry.

Lara is passionate about brand building, the natural products industry, and sustainablity. She has excellent marketing skills, strategic vision and integrity. She has a keen ability to see an opportunity that thrives on collaboration, growth and positive impact on our planet. It has been a rewarding experience and honor to build OSC2 with her and see it become a force in this industry – driving real change in food and the way we see businesses come together to collaborate to make industry wide decisions that leave our planet in a better place.

2015 Ahmed Rahim, CEO & Co-Founder, Numi Organic Tea

Alter Eco Foods

AlterEcoWe hired Lara at Alter Eco as a business consultant in 2012 to advise our marketing team. Lara’s extensive experience in the field (working for top companies such as Balance Bar and Numi Tea) has been extremely useful to our team members and company, sending our marketing efforts into a new dimension. We have also been collaborating with Lara within the OSC2 coalition that she started with Ahmed Rahim from Numi: simply put, that group of committed brands is the best thing that has happened to us in recent years, a source of inspiration and support for us all, and a platform to develop ground-breaking projects such as compostable packaging. It is in great part Lara’s leadership that is pushing all this work forward, we at Alter Eco and OSC2 are more than grateful to be working with her.

2014, Mathieu Senard, Co-CEO and Co-Founder Alter Eco Foods

Modern Table

Modern Table LogoI worked with Lara who helped us launch Modern Table meals, a highly innovative new brand/business, as a key player into the natural channel this year. She was instrumental in sales planning and formulating our natural channel launch strategy and tactics. Her expertise in the natural channel as well as her in depth understanding of marketing and sales both at a detailed and highly strategic level is a rare asset. 
While Lara steered us in the right direction in terms of sales she also put us in contact with the right people within the natural channel and the industry to form strategic alliances to succeed. In addition to sales, Lara was a strategic participant in formulating our marketing communications goals and tactics. 
I would strongly recommend Lara and would work with her again in a heartbeat.

2014, Gulbin Hoeberechts, Chief Mom, Modern Table Foods, Basic American Foods

House Foods America

house_foodsLara’s background in natural foods marketing made for an outstanding collaboration when a Japanese client of mine needed help with their US operations. After executing focus groups to trade surveys, Lara’s experience enabled us to go from learning about the market to taking positive market actions. All brands could benefit from her insights and enthusiasm.

2013 Michael McCune, Director, Iconoculture


OSC2 FinalLara is an outstanding leader who can turn quickly turn vision into reality. In a short period of time, her brainchild, OSC2, has grown into an impactful organization full of successful natural products industry leaders. While working with OSC2 I was amazed by how quickly OSC2’s packaging coalition gathered steam and rallied the efforts of so many industry stakeholders to push for more sustainable packaging solutions under her direction. I am hugely grateful for all the leadership training and support she provided to me and everyone else in the group. Truly amazing work!

Nick Kelley, Founder and CEO, Alive and Radiant Foods

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